Solar Oil Cuticle Treatment 7.3ml

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What it is
A synergistic blend of naturally light oils and
Vitamin E, designed to deeply penetrate and
protect skin and nails.

What it does
• Jojoba Oil helps carry Vitamin E into skin to help
reduce visible signs of aging. Naturally light oils
keep skin soft and supple.
• Keeps natural nails, nail polish and nail
enhancements tough and flexible.
• Repeated use helps drive oils into natural nails
and nail enhancements, maximizing the benefits
and reducing service breakdown.

Why You Need It
Super-penetrating formula conditions skin and nails.

Featured Ingredients & Benefits
Jojoba Seed Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis):
Deeply penetrating natural oil for excellent
moisturizing and conditioning. Jojoba Oil acts like a
carrier to increase penetration of other ingredients.
Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate):
Antioxidant known to neutralize free radicals
associated with premature aging of the skin; softens
and moisturizes.
Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis):
Softens and conditions.

• Apply daily to top and underside of nails and
massage into surrounding skin.